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Case Study - May 09

A Façade’s Facelift: Remedial Engineering Excellence with Palantir Consulting

A Façade’s Facelift: Remedial Engineering Excellence with Palantir Consulting

Every building tells a story, but sometimes, they also whisper of issues that need addressing. A class II building's Owners Corporation found themselves battling persistent water leaks, jeopardizing the comfort and safety of the residents. Palantir Consulting, with its reputation for precision and people-first approach, was summoned to breathe new life into the façade and restore peace for the occupants.

The Scenario

Residents of this particular building were facing the constant menace of water penetration, particularly through the windows. Understandably, patience was wearing thin. Moreover, financial constraints and concerns over potential disruptions to their homes added layers of complexity. 

The Challenges We Faced:

  • Owners' Anxieties: Years of water leakage led to considerable frustration.
  • Budgetary Bounds: A limited financial envelope set by the Owners Corporation.
  • Preserving the Interiors: Any proposed works must not affect or damage individual units.
  • Access & Detection: Some sections of the façade were challenging to access, making detection and rectification tougher.
  • Knowledge Gaps: A general lack of understanding, both in terms of technicalities and scope, among strata managers and clients.

Palantir's Path to Resolution: 

  • Establishing a Connection: Our first step was a candid discussion with owners to gauge their expectations and concerns.
  • Laying Down the Blueprint: An exhaustive technical specification report provided a comprehensive overview of the proposed solutions.
  • Empowering Through Information: Regular meetings with owners and strata managers demystified the technicalities, easing apprehensions.
  • Collaboration: Offering an open platform for all stakeholders to provide feedback and inputs ensured the project remained aligned with the community's expectations.
  • Site Engagements: Physical walkthroughs further clarified the envisioned changes.
  • Financial Clarity: Detailed cost breakdowns ensured transparency and alignment with the budgetary limitations.

Observable Outcomes: 

  • Precision-Driven Execution: Our detailed specification guide, fortified by continuous dialogue and on-site checks, resolved the water penetration issue and stayed within the financial parameters.
  • Accurate Forecasting: Material quantities, from design to actual execution, varied by a minimal 5%, showcasing our meticulous planning.
  • Negotiation Empowerment: Our data sheets armed the client with potent tools during discussions with subcontractors.
  • Key Takeaways: Proactive design initiations and improved communication with material suppliers could further refine the process, ensuring even smoother future engagements.


Construction challenges can often feel like a maze. Yet, with Palantir Consulting's methodical and inclusive approach, guided by Roni Shlemon (Remedial Engineer), even the most complex issues can find lasting solutions. Kudos also to Valen Project Service for their invaluable contribution to the project management. 

Your Building's Next Chapter: 

Is your building narrating tales of defects and distress? Are you a strata manager or part of an Owners Corporation seeking expert intervention? Reach out to Palantir Consulting. Together, we can rewrite your building's story, ensuring it stands tall and proud. 

Palantir Consulting is eager to bring this level of expertise to your next project. Reach out to us at or 02 9037 6422 for assistance or inquiries.