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Case Study - May 09

Detailing is the Key: Kingsgrove Warehouse Project 

Detailing is the Key: Kingsgrove Warehouse Project 

The Kingsgrove Warehouse Project, spanning over 11,680+ SQM, encompassed 76 warehouses, 75 offices, 61 storage areas, and 164 parking spots. With a commitment to superior structural performance and minimizing costs, the project emphasized the crucial role of detailed planning in construction.

Mapping the Challenges: 

Diving into a project of this magnitude, we realized that challenges weren't just hurdles but opportunities to innovate: 
  • Expansive Blueprints: The large floor plans demanded meticulous attention.
  • Space Constraints: The requirement for low headroom presented design challenges.
  • Architectural Complexities: The project featured multiple building joints, irregular floor plates, and had to accommodate heavy-duty loads.
  • Construction Challenges: The need to support temporary loads for cast-insitu tilt-up panels and integrating long-span post-tensioned slabs, among other technical needs.

    Crafting the Blueprint: 

    To tackle these, our strategy was not just about solutions, but ensuring these solutions were proactive, detailed, and sustainable: 
    • Proactive Involvement: By engaging in the structural design from the early concept stage, potential issues were identified and addressed upfront.
    • Collaborative Approach: Early involvement of sub-contractors fostered brainstorming, resulting in innovative and efficient design ideas.
    • Embracing Technology: Leveraging BIM digital twins ensured accurate documentation and the development of a structural model.
    • Detail-Oriented Design: Exceptional detailing combined with construction sequence considerations significantly reduced costs associated with temporary propping.
    • Feedback Loop: Adjusting design risks based on material quantity feedback from the site ensured efficiency.

      Treading Unique Terrains: 

      Yet, some challenges were beyond the usual. They demanded not just skill, but a blend of creativity and expertise: 
      • Stakeholder Management: Engaging with multiple stakeholders, from consultants to contractors, required constant communication and collaboration.
      • Technical Hurdles: Overcoming challenges like designing long spans over car parks, detailing building, and construction joints with PT slabs required specialized expertise.

        The Rewarding Outcome: 

        Our journey culminated into outcomes that were not just about completion, but about setting benchmarks: 
        • Financial Efficiency: The project's early budget determination and the accuracy of final structural material quantities resulted in cost savings.
        • Negotiation Power: Our detailed material quantity take-off data sheets empowered the client in negotiations with subcontractors.

        Gleaning Insights for the Future:

        ​Every project is a learning curve, and from Kingsgrove, we took away:
        • Timely Design: Earlier design commencement facilitates better decision-making.
        • Clear Communication: Regular dialogues with suppliers can prevent unforeseen costs.
        • Regular Updates: Weekly meetings with clients ensure timely design updates and efficient troubleshooting.

        Your Next Step: 

        We believe in the power of early and detailed planning. Let us bring this expertise to your projects. Whether you're looking for concept design with material quantity info or seeking to peer review your existing projects at early design stages, we're here for you. Dive into the world of precision with us! 

        Palantir Consulting is eager to bring this level of expertise to your next project. Reach out to us at or 02 9037 6422 for assistance or inquiries.