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Case Study - May 09

Never Overbudget Again On Your Warehouse Development 

Never Overbudget Again On Your Warehouse Development 

Multistorey Warehouse structural design. Tucked away in the southern part of Sydney is an ambitious project - a high-end, private warehouse and storage facility set to be a landmark in its right. However, a tight budget, limited architectural design, and an amalgamation of different construction materials posed significant hurdles to delivering the project.

The Challenge

The developers faced an imminent challenge: to stick to a budget despite the complex, mixed-material structure - including a post tensioned concrete structure, steelwork roof, precast wall structure.  

Our Solution

Palantir Consulting stepped in with an innovative solution. Our team initiated their involvement right from the concept design stage, engaging sub-contractors early for quotations and design brainstorming. A BIM Digital Twin was developed to document the structural model and embed material quantity take-off sheets.  

The Complexity

With the pressure of a strict budget, numerous modifications to the BIM models and drawings were required to ensure the most cost-effective use of structural materials. Our team also held discussions with multiple suppliers to ensure their needs were reflected in the design. 

The Outcome

Despite the complexities, the project achieved:
  • A 'just-in-time' design documentation, synchronising with the construction process.
  • A high degree of accuracy, with the final structural material quantity within 5% of the design prediction.
  • An empowered client position in negotiations with subcontractors, thanks to our detailed material quantity take-off data sheets.
The project also gave us vital lessons to initiate designs even earlier and to improve supplier communication about material wastage. 

The Payoff

With a firm hand on budget control and a streamlined construction process, the project stood as a testament to effective warehouse development budget management. 
Ultimately, the developer acquired a clear understanding of their project, the tools for strategic planning, and peace of mind about their investment.

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