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Case Study - May 09

Structural Adequacy in Litigation: A Journey with Palantir Consulting

Structural Adequacy in Litigation: A Journey with Palantir Consulting

When structures come under scrutiny, every bolt, beam, and brace matters. In a world where every detail can become a litigation point, Palantir Consulting stands firm as the beacon of expertise and guidance. Our recent engagement with a concerned builder, determined to prove the structural adequacy of a built residence, paints a compelling picture of our dedication and proficiency.


A newly built residence, a dream home for its inhabitants, became the focal point of a daunting challenge. The builder, proud of his craftsmanship, found himself entangled in the complex webs of construction litigation. With the structural integrity of the home in question and no previous testimonies, drawings, certifications, or inspections to fall back on, the situation was dire. 

    The Challenges We Faced:

    • The House's Status: The residence was not just a building; it was a home. With occupants already residing, any investigation needed to be strategic and non-disruptive.
    • Lack of Concrete Evidence: Original documentation was scant. Previous inspections were either missing or insufficient, and photographs to validate the structural foundation were non-existent.
    • Courtroom Complications: The original structural engineer's testimony, drawings, and certifications were discredited in court, making them inadmissible.
    • Council's Demand: A comprehensive and detailed analysis, including a destructive investigation, was set as a requirement by the council engineer.

    Palantir's Solution-Oriented Approach: 

    • Strategized Destructive Investigation: Understanding the challenges, our team adopted a meticulous yet considerate approach. Coordination with the builder ensured that the occupants faced minimal disruption.
    • Collaboration with Experts: Recognizing the need for specific expertise, we engaged with concrete scanners and Geotech professionals for a robust evaluation of the slab and piers.
    • In-depth Analysis: Palantir Consulting's team took the bold step of removing plasterboards, all in collaboration with the builder, to conclusively evaluate the framing's structural integrity.
    • Stakeholder Coordination: With a multitude of parties involved, from lawyers to carpenters and engineers, we orchestrated a symphony of coordination, ensuring every concern was addressed.

    Impactful Outcomes: 

    • Validation and Victory: Palantir Consulting’s unwavering commitment and thorough investigation swayed the council engineer. The once looming threat of demolition was averted, preserving the builder's reputation and the occupants' home.
    • Building Bridges: This engagement wasn't just about bricks and mortar. It was about trust, collaboration, and relationship-building. By journey's end, our bond with the builder was stronger than ever.


    In the construction realm, unforeseen challenges can emerge from the shadows. But with Palantir Consulting by your side, equipped with experience, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, even the most intricate situations can be navigated seamlessly. 


    Are you next? 

    Facing structural dilemmas, either on-site or in the courtroom? Require a seasoned, approachable, and results-driven expert witness? Contact Palantir Consulting. Let's solidify the foundation of your projects and ambitions. 

    Expert input and guidance provided by Roni Shlemon, Senior Structural Engineer/Expert Witness at Palantir Consulting. 

    Palantir Consulting is eager to bring this level of expertise to your next project. Reach out to us at or 02 9037 6422 for assistance or inquiries.