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Build with Confidence

Build your life success with Palantir

At Palantir Consulting, we incubate, inspire, train and mentor the industry professionals to achieve the best version of themselves in life for the purpose of raising the confidence of the Building Industry of Australia. 


What Do We Offer?

Palantir Enterprise Network (PEN)

Introducing the Palantir Enterprise Network, a specialised program designed to foster connections among like-minded professionals within the construction and engineering industries. Our aim is to support members in their professional growth and help them achieve their goals through regular networking meetings, conferences, educational resources, and knowledge exchange opportunities. By joining our network, members gain access to a vibrant community dedicated to collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning. Through the Palantir Enterprise Network, members have the opportunity to expand their professional circles, stay abreast of industry trends, and cultivate meaningful partnerships. Whether you're seeking career advancement, skill enhancement, or knowledge sharing, our program offers the platform and resources to support your aspirations within the ever-evolving landscape of construction and engineering.


Come, learn, and elevate your career at our events:

  • Annual

    RADIUS 2024

    A half-day event aimed at fostering connections and knowledge-sharing among builders, engineers, consultants, project managers, architects, and suppliers in the construction and engineering industries.

  • Monthly

    Construction Professionals Breakfasts

    Networking breakfasts as a perfect opportunity to connect with real estate and construction professionals, as builders, developers, strata, contractors, engineers, and suppliers

  • Monthly

    Construction Networking Friday

    Informal after-work networking event for construction and engineering industry contractors and consulting professionals

  • On-demand

    Mentorship by William Zhang

    Networking breakfasts as a perfect opportunity to connect with real estate and construction professionals, as builders, developers, STRATA, contractors, engineers, and suppliers

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Palantir Entrepreneur Incubator (PEI) 

This program is a transformative opportunity for engineers ready to transition from traditional employment to entrepreneurship. Under the expert mentorship of industry leaders such as William Zhang and other partners of Palantir Consulting, participants embark on a journey towards business ownership with confidence and guidance. PEI offers a structured pathway to success, providing engineers with the tools, resources, and strategic insights needed to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. With a focus on individual growth plans tailored to each participant and refined through Palantir's own business framework, the programme ensures a comprehensive approach to achieving career aspirations. Join us and unlock the potential to turn your professional dreams into reality through the PEI Programme.

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Consulting and Contracting Alliance (PCCA) 

PCCA is a collaborative network of construction and engineering professionals, encompassing a diverse range of essential connections, contractors, and clients within our industry. Through meticulous selection and pre-approval processes, we ensure that only top-tier professionals gain access to our clients' needs, whether they require designers, tilers, plumbers, electricians, project managers, or developers.  Join us and become part of a dynamic alliance dedicated to delivering excellence in every project.


Partnership Referral Program

Our Partnership Referral Program rewards individuals who introduce industry top-notch professionals to become our project delivery partners. Contact us, discuss the details, and get rewarded when your referral joins our partnership team.

Refer Talent

“If you consider yourself appreciative, humble, and coachable, you'll feel right at home at Palantir”


William Zhang Founder/ CEO

Founder/ CEO