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  • Value:

    40 million

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  • Scope:

    Project Structural Engineer

Elena, Lane Cove

Elena, Lane Cove
Palantir Consulting carried out the structural engineering for Elena Lane Cove, a six-storey resort-style residential tower containing 106 luxury apartments.

Completed in 2022, the mid-rise building is set in lush gardens situated near Stringybark Creek Reserve. It‘s just minutes from shops, transport and schools. Facilities include an infinity pool, gym, private cinema and ground-floor café.

"Elena is built to the highest structural standards. It demonstrates what is possible when technical excellence and the desire for architectural beauty unite."


William Zhang

Founder/ CEO, Palantir Consulting

Sandstone, timber and copper materials have been incorporated into the building to create a natural, organic feel and appearance. The apartments are designed to take advantage of views and natural light. Interiors contain raw, textured materials such as timber, stone and marble. Each dwelling comes with bespoke joinery, a neutral palette and premium appliances. The result is a design that is simultaneously contemporary and timeless. It‘s light and airy, while being robust.

The design was a 2022 finalist for the Urban Taskforce and UDIA National Awards.


“We are innovative, client-focused, and a leader in structural engineering - Palanitr is dedicated to transforming complex challenges into streamlined, practical solutions. With over 15 years of industry-leading experience, we drive projects towards excellence.”


William Zhang

Founder/ CEO