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Build with Confidence

  • Value:

    196 million

  • Developer:

    Alliance Project Group

  • Builder:


  • Scope:

    Post-tensioning Design

Imperial Hurstville

Imperial Hurstville
Imperial Central is a hybrid form that is a fusion of three form types: the urban street wall; slab; and towers. This hybrid form is cut with a slot into two roughly equal parts and perforated with recesses to break down its visual bulk and mass.

"We have leveraged our extensive experience and deep knowledge to develop a solid structural design for the Imperial project"


William Zhang

Founder/ CEO at Palantir Consulting

The iconic appearance of Imperial arises from its unique split form, punctuated by sky gardens, and metallic facades. The building is an icon, not just for Hurstville, but for Sydney and Australia.

Imperial presents as two interlinked towers to decrease its mass and bulk and to optimise the perimeter for light and ventilation.


“Palanitr is dedicated to transforming complex challenges into streamlined, practical solutions”


William Zhang

Founder/ CEO at Palantir Consulting