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Structural Sleuths: How Palantir Consulting Reshaped the Bakehouse Quarter

Bakehouse Quarter, George Street Homebush

Project Overview

Stepping into Homebush’s Bakehouse Quarter, one is transported into a slice of history – once a hub of the Arnott's Biscuit Factory, now a bustling hotspot of businesses and cafes. Despite the charm of its iconic emblems, the buildings were saddled with issues of safety due to age, questionable construction materials, and a lack of clarity about future maintenance costs. 

The Challenge

For the property owners, these problems needed swift resolution. Safety assurance was paramount for insurance, occupants’ well-being, and informed budget planning for future upkeep. 

Our Solution

Enter Palantir Consulting. Our team embarked on a comprehensive structural and material investigation across the site, performing detailed assessments of the façade and overall structure. Through exhaustive tests, site visits, and lab collaboration with CSIRO, we gained insight into the buildings’ material composition and identified potential issues. 

The Results

Our output – a detailed survey design with an asset lifetime assessment and condition matrix – offered the property owners a clear picture of their assets and a strategic cost-planning tool. Moreover, we implemented practical solutions, including corrosion repair, waterproofing remediation, and the replacement of facade panels with non-combustible claddings. 

The result? Safety, assurance, and a firm grasp on maintenance costs.  

In the end, our work empowered the Bakehouse Quarter owners with a complete knowledge base about their property, equipping them with a strategic planning tool, and giving them peace of mind about their investment. 


Palantir Consulting stands ready to bring this expertise to your project. For queries or assistance, please use the form below.

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