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Dealing with Complex Projects On Time and On Budget 

Structural engineering design of a large multi-use development in the Heart of Willough

Project Overview

Palantir Consulting was brought on board for the structural engineering design of a large multi-use development in the Heart of Willough. This innovative project consisted of a podium with a 12,000 sqm floorplate, multiple building joints, long-span post-tensioned slabs, cast in situ columns, precast walls, steelwork roof and awnings, glass panel roofing, and a glass facade. With a total project value over $100 million AUD, coordination and efficiency in the structural design was critical to keep the project on time and on budget. 

The Challenge

With a sloped site, different building usages including bowling club, senior living, residential, and commercial spaces, and multiple stakeholders, the structural design required careful planning and communication. The long spans over the parking levels also posed challenges in clearance, access, and detailing of the building and construction joints.    

Our Solution

To tackle these complexities, Palantir Consulting took a collaborative and proactive approach: 

  • Early involvement in concept stage to inform structural system selection 

  • Early engagement of subcontractors for input on constructability  

  • Development of a comprehensive BIM model to coordinate with other disciplines 

  • Design focused on optimizing construction sequence and detailing standardization 

  • Material quantity takeoffs embedded in BIM for cost analysis and risk reduction 

  • Continuous communication with client and contractors for rapid design adjustments  

The Outcome

With Palantir's structural solutions: 

  • The project stayed within 5% accuracy between estimated and actual material quantities 

  • Takeoff data empowered the client in subcontractor negotiations 

  • Lessons learned improved future design and construction coordination 

  • The project was an overall success in achieving time and budget goals 

Client Testimonial

"Palantir Consulting's structural designs were critical in keeping our complex development project on track. Their expertise in long-span structures and collaborating across stakeholders gave us confidence we would meet our timelines and budget." 


- Project Manager, Major Developer 

About Palantir Consulting


Palantir Consulting is eager to bring this level of expertise to your next project. Reach out to us at or 02 9037 6422 for assistance or inquiries. 

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