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RADIUS is an event aimed at fostering connections and knowledge-sharing among builders, engineers, developers, consultants, project managers, architects, material suppliers, and strata managers in the construction and engineering industries. This event offers attendees the chance to learn from industry experts, network with like-minded professionals, engage in matchmaking sessions and launch new projects or products.


RADIUS Purpose

Networking Insights from Experts New Knowledge Talent Opportunities


RADIUS Numbers

Impact of one event can be really huge

  • Media Reach


  • People Connected


  • Companies Represented


  • Speakers



"The RADIUS networking event is our response to the ever-changing world about how to take control over our lives and careers. Everything changed for me after I chose to associate myself with the right group of people, the right mentor, and the right clients"


William Zhang

Founder/ CEO

  • ”Attending the RADIUS event was a great experience! Not only did I gain valuable insights from the expert speakers, but I also had the opportunity to connect with industry peers and expand my network“

    It was truly a valuable experience that left me feeling inspired and motivated. That is also one of the reasons we decided to be sponsors in the upcoming Radius events. Keep up the great work by you and the team and I look forward to attending more events in the future.


    Samiul Karim

    Partnerships Director at Trademark Group of Companies

  • “As a long-time partner of Palantir Consulting, we've seen their dedication to excellence in the construction and engineering industries. When we first heard about the RADIUS 2023 event, with its highly targeted audience of industry professionals, we knew we had to be a part of it”

    The event provided an unparalleled platform for us to showcase Silva Global's innovative solutions to a very refined audience, eager to not only learn but also to adopt cutting-edge solutions. We're excited to announce that we'll be returning as a major sponsor next year, continuing our partnership with RADIUS and our commitment to advancing innovation in the industry.


    James Woods

    Managing Director at Silva Global

  • “The atmosphere of innovation and the emphasis on cultivating a leadership mindset left a lasting impact. I was impressed by the event's influence, so I eagerly offered to become a sponsor and co-organiser for RADIUS 2024”

    This just shows how valuable RADIUS is — it doesn't just teach, it inspires people to think outside the box and take on bigger responsibilities.


    David Previte

    Managing Director at Waterproofing Integrity

Companies represented on RADIUS:

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  • frame-1306
  • frame-1305-7
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RADIUS 2024 is a half-day event designed to cultivate connections and knowledge within the construction and engineering industry.

Organised by William Zhang (Palantir Consulting) and David Previte (Waterproofing Integrity) in collaboration with WSBC.

  • Swissotel Sydney


  • May 24, 2024


  • 12:00 PM


  • 240



  • frame-1300-8

    Michael McQueen

    Trend Forecaster, Multi-Award-Winning Speaker, Bestselling Author of 10 books

  • frame-1301-8

    William Zhang 

    Founder of RADIUS Director of Palantir Consulting, Featured on Forbes Australia

  • frame-1302-9

    David Previte 

    Founder and Director of Waterproofing Integrity, National President of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing

  • frame-1240-2

    James O'Loghlin

    Television and Radio Presenter at ABC and Australian Comedian

Business owners panel discussion:

  • rectangle-541-4

    Dominique Gill

    Managing Director, Urban Core

  • salim-nicolas

    Salim Nicolas

    Director, DASCO President, ALCC

  • rectangle-543-3

    David Kamel

    Director, Creative Vision

  • rectangle-540-8

    Berkay Dincel

    Director, Dincel Structural Walling

Industry experts panel discussion:

  • attachment

    Vargha Zare

    Senior Project Manager, Kane Constructions

  • chris-kelly-website-3

    Chris Kelly

    General Manager, BINAH

  • attachment-2

    Noura Thaha

    Associate Director, GroupGSA

  • 1600121251045-2

    Rami Shakour

    Managing Director, Access Link Consulting

Major Sponsors:

  • sponsors-1


    Specialist Product Supplier

  • sponsors-3


    Chemical Company

  • sponsors-1-2



  • sponsors

    Palantir Consulting

    Structural Engineering

  • sponsors-2

    Waterproofing Integrity

    Waterproofing Consultant

  • sponsors-4





The Palantir's pilot event, dedicated to connecting professionals and facilitating networking and knowledge exchange within the construction engineering industry.

The event was a great success, attracting over 250 attendees at the Shangri-La Hotel.

  • Shangri-La Sydney


  • May 10, 2023


  • 18:00


  • 250+



  • frame-1301-8

    William Zhang 

    Founder of RADIUS, Director of Palantir Consulting, Featured on Forbes Australia

  • frame-1301-9

    Angela Wang

    Top 100 Women in Construction Design Manager at Richard Crookes

  • frame-1300-9

    Brendan Hasty

    Ex-WSP Associate 40k Youtube Followers Aussie Structural Engineering Content Creator

Major Sponsors:

  • sponsors-1


    Specialist Product Supplier

  • sponsors

    Palantir Consulting

    Structural Engineering