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Palantir Services

Our team is committed to delivering our expertise throughout the entire project lifecycle

We are here to help at every stage

  • Structural Engineering

    Our structural design services combine science and art, crafting materials to withstand the forces of nature and human activity. We provide comprehensive services for your project needs, including design, engineering, consultation, 3D-modelling, drafting, documentation, specifications, inspection, quality assurance, and certification.

  • Structural Certification

    Our structural certification service guarantees compliance and quality assurance for your construction project. Whether it's for products, materials, systems, or any project aspect, we step in to complete certification, especially if the previous structural engineer has left the project. From sculptures to frames, count on us for meticulous assessment and validation to ensure adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

  • Value Engineering

    Our value engineering service ensures that you receive the highest quality for your investment, without overpaying. By identifying equally effective, cost-efficient alternatives, we optimise your project's budget while prioritising product quality. From streamlining construction processes to accelerating project timelines, our focus is on maximising economy and efficiency without compromising on excellence.

  • Peer Review For DBP Lodgement NSW

    We conduct peer reviews for Class 2 projects to ensure full compliance with the DBP Act 2020 NSW. Our process guarantees alignment with the latest regulations, codes, standards, and best practices. Through our independent structural analysis and review, clients gain assurance of project compliance, cost-effectiveness, and structural integrity.

  • Construction Phase Inspections & Quality Assurance

    Pre-pour and installation inspections during the project construction phase. Our independent inspections during the various stages of construction help ensure quality workmanship and standards are maintained. These services cover concrete, steel, post-tension, foundation, shoring and temporary works.

  • Temporary Work Engineering

    Our service offers efficient engineering solutions for temporary structures, including cranes and retaining walls. Trust us for safe and effective designs tailored to your project's needs.

  • Construction Engineering

    Our construction engineering service provides adaptable solutions to accommodate variable site conditions, scope changes, and adjustments to development applications.

  • Structural Defect Investigation

    Pre-construction survey inspections ensure a thorough understanding of existing conditions. This guides us in identifying and resolving structural defects effectively. With our team's expertise and advanced techniques, we provide thorough investigations and customised solutions to ensure your structure's safety and integrity.

  • Structural Remedial Engineering

    Design of solutions for repair and strengthening retrofits to existing structures. Includes site investigations, structural analysis, condition inspections, reports and recommendations. Areas covered include post-tensioning, carbon fibre, steel beam, propping, waterproofing, balustrading, heritage buildings, fire protection upgrades and more.

  • Maintenance

    Our building life-cycle analysis service evaluates the expected lifespan of structures for insurance purposes. By examining various factors affecting durability, including materials, construction methods, and environmental conditions, we provide accurate assessments of a building's longevity.


Project Types

We bring diverse of skills and knowledge to cater to your needs

  • 1. Residential

    Low, Medium and High Rise Buildings

  • 2. Industrial

    Warehouses, Factories, Manufacturing Facilities.

  • 3. Healthcare

    Hospitals, Medical Clinics/ Centers.

  • 4. Hospitality

    Hotels, Mixed-Use Complexes, Clubs.

  • 5. Commercial

    Shopping Malls, Supermarket and Other Retail, Office Buildings.

  • 6. Heritage

    Structural Adequacy, Remediation, Refurbishments.

  • 7. Education

    Universities, Schools, Libraries.

  • 8. Construction

    Temporary Structures, Crane Base, Scaffolding, Gantries, Hoarding, Access Platforms, Rebar Scheduling.

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